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New Business Setup

When you’re starting out in business you have a golden opportunity to establish your fundamental business strategy and structure.

Being business savvy.

You may be right in thinking that it’s best to keep costs down in the beginning. But have you wondered how costly it could be to not get the right information and advice when you’re building the foundations of what will be your future for many years to come?

CATS can help your new business in the following ways:

What do we do different?


Rest assured we'll get the basics right so that your compliance is on time, accurate and tax effective.


We will be the helping hand and your partner in business.


You've planted the seeds, our insight will help you reap your rewards.


We stay ahead of the curve for you allowing you more time for what matters.


We offer a complimentary meeting to guests and existing clients to explore how we can best help you. This meeting gives you an opportunity to meet with us on a no charge, no obligation basis to discuss any of your needs.