Self Managed Super Funds


Make your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) work harder for your future!

There are ways to speed up your transition towards retirement, but you must comply with the rules first and foremost. The team at CATS service a large number of SMSF’s and therefore have the skills and experience to successfully ensure their SMSF clients comply with ATO/ASIC rules and regulations.

The SMSF industry and regulations have undergone much tightening – if your accountant is not up to date with the latest rules then you risk penalty taxes, fines and may even be forced to shut down your SMSF completely. Don’t risk your financial future by getting incorrect or outdated advice!

CATS + Financial Planning

There is often a smarter way to structure your retirement planning and it’s never too early or late to assess if your plans are on track. CATS work with accredited financial planners to deliver a solution which encompasses the best of both worlds –

  1. You can control a set of investments which suit your goals/needs and work towards the most desireable path for your future
  2. At the same time you could use the tax incentives in super to save you unnecessary tax and speed up your progression towards retirement.


Rest assured we’ll get the basics right so that your compliance is on time, accurate and tax effective



We will be the helping hand and your partner in business



You’ve planted the seeds, our insight will help you reap your rewards



We stay ahead of the curve for you allowing you more time for what matters


We offer a complimentary meeting to guests and existing clients to explore how we can best help you.  This meeting gives you an opportunity to meet with us on a no charge, no obligation basis to discuss any of your needs.