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Business Advisory

CATS business advisory service was born out of a desire to give you cutting edge tools, advice and support.

Owning a business is not always smooth sailing.

Working with your team of business advisers you can get the jump on your competitors and drive your business value through the roof.

Advisory takes many shapes and forms, and every business presents a unique opportunity for CATS to share their intimate wisdom and knowledge gained from working with small to medium business on the Central Coast for over 20 years. What does advisory look like at CATS?

What do we do different?


Rest assured we'll get the basics right so that your compliance is on time, accurate and tax effective.


We will be the helping hand and your partner in business.


You've planted the seeds, our insight will help you reap your rewards.


We stay ahead of the curve for you allowing you more time for what matters.


We exist to help our clients live their best life.

Our services will save you time, give you peace of mind and help you have more money. We are more than accountants, we are your partner in business.